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Interact is a must-attend event for the digital advertising industry. For over 12 years, leading European advertisers, industry experts, agencies & media owners get inspired, meet & share best practices.

Join Interact 2018 in Milan on 23-24 May to discuss burning issues for digital marketers in Europe. Book your pass now!

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  • Coffee and Lunch will be offered to all Conference Pass holders.

This year, IAB Europe will make a €5 donation to the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) for every delegate attending Interact 2018. The world’s wildlife has halved in less than a generation, while we are still on a path toward catastrophic climate change impacts, IAB Europe has decided to make this small contribution towards the work of the WWF.


2018 Agenda

Please note: All sessions will be in English.

23 May 2018
24 May 2018
11:30 - 11:35
Welcome & Introduction

The IAB Europe Chairman introduces the key forces transforming the digital landscape and the strategies that can help businesses to adapt and thrive:
• The impact of regulation and public policy
• The importance of continual education and employee engagement
• The potential for publishers able to evolve their proposition
• The new technologies vying for a role in the digital ecosystem
• The prospects for the future of digital advertising


  • Constantine Kamaras, Chairman IAB Europe
  • Rob Beeler, Chairman AdMonsters, Founder Beeler.Tech
11:35 - 12:00
Keynote – Industry overview

How did we get to this pivotal point for the digital ecosystem – and where are we headed next? GroupM’s Advisor and former Chief Digital Officer, Rob Norman is one of the most sought-after industry voices on the future of digital. He explores the nature of the challenges that digital advertising now faces – and how the industry can adapt to deliver continued growth.

  • Rob Norman, Senior Advisor GroupM
12:00 - 12:30
Keynote – Digital Ad Market growth highlights and Industry trends

The latest research from IHS Markit shows digital advertising delivering 90% of all advertising industry growth – and not just through its most high-profile players. IHS Markit’s Senior Director Daniel Knapp reveals key findings of the research, including signs of important emerging opportunities in the digital ecosystem.

  • Dr. Daniel Knapp, Executive Director TMT Research and Analytics IHS Markit
12:30 - 12:55
Keynote – The Italian Way

Forget pizza and mandolino. Discover Italy and Italians through the eyes of the country’s first internet company. How Italy’s favourite email provider and most read web portals have seen the country change in the past 20 years. And how we can forsee macro-trends through data and address the Italian consumers

  • Andrea Leonardo Chiapponi, Chief Commercial Officer Large Account Italiaonline
12:55 - 13:20
Panel – The Publishers fight back, Publisher 2.0

Not content to depend on digital advertising for revenues, progressive-minded publishers are evolving their business models and opening up whole new revenue streams. SVP Blockchain Ventures Anne Goodman hosts a panel exploring different strategies for growth: from eCommerce to advertising alliances and native video.

  • Anne Goodman, Senior Vice President, Blockchain Ventures (Moderator)
  • Carsten Schweke, Chief Digital Officer Media Impact GmbH & Co. (Axel Springer)
  • Paul de La Nougerede, Commerical Product Director Digital Telegraph Media Group
  • Christer Ljones, Head of Advertising Product Strategy Schibsted Media (Norway), Vice-Chair IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee;
13:20 - 14:05
14:05 - 14:25
Presentation – “Fallout”: The new customer rules and winning the war on data

From invisible background role to a vital driver of marketing and business strategy: the Data Protection Officer epitomises the transformation taking place in digital marketing. Our speaker will explore the key challenges in data protection, and the value that it provides for businesses through a more strategic approach.

  • Steve Lok, Head of Martech and Operations The Economist
14:05 - 14:25
Panel – Programmatic video: unlocking the power of automation

Major brands and media agencies have swiftly come to depend on programmatic buying for the delivery of display ads. However, automated advertising can only reach its full potential through the most engaging format available on digital platforms: video.

  • Paola Colombo, General Manager Adtech and Business Development Publitalia ’80
  • Imran Khan, Global Vice President Strategic Development Teads
14:25 - 14:45
Keynote – Control the cumulative exposure time per user to maximise the memorization of your message

While numerous studies proved a direct link between the exposure time and the rate of ad memorization, brands want to exceed the visibility standards applied to display ads to maximise the impact of their messages. Tradelab’s CEO Yohann Dupasquier will explain in detail the functioning of its piloting solutions of advertising exposition duration. Through a case-study, the programmatic platform will present how to generate a significant uplift of advertising attractiveness through cumulative exposure time, thus proving that a qualitative approach favouring useful reach offers display visibility and efficiency criteria comparable to the ones of video.

  • Yohann Dupasquier, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Tradelab
14:45 - 15:10
Live stream Q&A – The EU, digital advertising and data

Giovanni Buttarelli is a prominent campaigner for modern and progressive data privacy regulation for the EU in the digital era. Appearing via video link, he answers questions on the likely impact of such regulation. This session will explore the key regulatory challenges and incentives facing the digital advertising industry, the impact on advertisers, agencies and publishers, and how the behaviour of companies and consumers and the digital ecosystem might change as a result.

  • Giovanni Buttarelli, EU Data Protection Supervisor
  • Constantine Kamaras, Chairman, Board of directors IAB Europe (Interviewer)
15:25 - 16:05
Panel – Guide to GDPR: Transparency and Consent Framework

Members of IAB Europe’s GDPR Implementation Group (GIG) will discuss the uptake of the Transparency & Consent Framework that helps publishers, advertisers, and technology companies comply with key elements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Townsend Feehan, Chief Executive Officer IAB Europe (Moderator)
  • Julia Shullman, Vice President Chief Privacy Counsel AppNexus
  • Somer Simpson, Head of Product Management Quantcast
  • Kabir Barday, Chief Executive Officer OneTrust
16:10 - 17:00
Training – GDPR for digital publishers, digital agencies and advertisers

Which provisions in the General Data Protection Regulation are the most relevant to digital publishers and advertisers? What is the guidance of the European Data Protection Board (former Article 29 Working party) on these topics? This training session, provided by IAB Europe will provide insight into applying the GDPR to the digital advertising supply chain.

  • Matthias Matthiesen, Director Public Policy & Privacy IAB Europe
  • Chris Hartsuiker, Public Policy Officer IAB Europe
16:25 - 16:59
Keynote – Measuring what matters

As new creative content and ways of thinking evolve, advertisers have responded quickly by merging new tech with old ad formats. But you can’t fit square pegs into round holes, and you can’t depend on old toolkits to measure the success of new mediums. Building brand has changed in the digital era. In this talk, Brad Smallwood, Vice President Marketing Science, Facebook will discuss what’s next in measurement and explain why marketers can’t rely on old techniques in order to track the performance of new ad formats, channels and technologies. This session will explore what should be in a marketer’s measurement toolbox today and why it’s not possible to match old measurements to new realities. Ultimately, there can be no half measures in the digital world.

  • Brad Smallwood, Vice President Marketing Science Facebook
17:00 - 17:05
Wrap up/Closing day 1
  •  Rob Beeler, Chairman AdMonsters, Founder Beeler.Tech
19:30 - 23:00
Cocktail & Gala Dinner

MIXX Awards Europe & IAB Europe Research Awards Ceremony

9:00 - 9:05
  • Rob Beeler, Chairman of AdMonsters, Founder Beeler.Tech
9:05 - 9:35
Keynote – The Advertiser View

The world’s second-largest luxury goods business spends over half of its advertising budget online. Franck Sineau explains why Richemont is committed to digital platforms, how it uses data, and how it will evolve its approach as the digital landscape transforms.

  • Franck Sineau, Group Media Department Director Richemont
9:05 - 9:55
Training – IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework

Following up on the plenary session from DAY 1 on IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework this training session presented by IAB Europe will offer the opportunity to ask any questions you may still have regarding the implementation of the Framework from the Global Vendor List to ensuring the best possible User Experience.

  • Matthias Matthiesen, Director Public Policy & Privacy IAB Europe
  • Chris Hartsuiker, Public Policy Officer IAB Europe
9:35 - 9:55
Keynote – Direct to Consumer. An evolution in how consumer brands create and extract value

Across virtually all product and service categories and segments, the conventional source of differentiation and value is shifting from high-barrier-to-entry, capital-intensive, owned-and-operated supply chains, to low-barrier-to-entry, capital-flexible, leased and rented supply chains – and value extraction, historically managed through cumbersome, third-party processes, is now being accomplished via direct relationships between brands and consumers. CEO Randall Rothenberg details IAB’s groundbreaking research into the new world of Direct Brands – and their implications for media, advertising, and marketing.

  • Randall Rothenberg, Chief Executive Officer IAB
9:55 - 10:15
Keynote – What Builds Brand Love

Ever wonder where brand love comes from? So did Oath. Oath has found out by looking at the many underlying drivers of brand love in our latest global consumer research study. We all know what love feels like, and we know getting your consumers to love your brand is more important today than ever before.  But WHY does a consumer love a brand? What does that relationship look like?

  • Anita Caras, Director Sales Insights EMEA OATH
10:20 - 10:50
Panel – Rewiring the digital supply chain: the transparency you’re looking for?

Blockchain technology promises to bring new levels of automation to the booking and delivery of digital ads – and provide new levels of traceability and transparency in the process. Is a new technology the solution that can increase trust in digital advertising? Or will it complicate the supply chain further still? Ciaran O’Kane of Exchange Wire hosts a panel of ad tech experts putting the future of the digital supply chain under the spotlight.

  • Ciaran O’Kane, Chief Executive Officer Exchange Wire (Moderator)
  • Luke Fenney, EMEA Vice President Publisher Development Index Exchange
  • Alanna Gombert, Global Chief Revenue Officer MetaX
  • Erol Soyer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer ProgRox
  • Ilaria Zampori, General Manager Quantcast Italy
10:50 - 11:10
Coffee Break
11:15 - 11:50
Digital Audio, hot or not
  • Marco Bertozzi, Vice President Sales Europe Spotify
11:15 - 11:50
Digital Outdoor, hot or not

The creative canvas of outdoor media promises new levels of digital engagement – but can brands combine the capacity for personalised targeting with visual impact at scale?

  • IAB NL
11:15 - 11:50
Interactive Video Engagement

The phenomenon of digital transformation is bringing with it a radical change in the digital experience strategies and approaches being deployed by businesses. Consequently, there is a need for concrete solutions that are aligned with the rapid transformation taking place and that address the new needs and habits of digital users.

SHAA’s response is to deploy interactivity as a key tool for injecting new value into digital experiences. We aim to give users the opportunity to experience dynamic, highly personalized content and to this end have developed a broad range of interactive solutions that generate high levels of engagement and offer maximum levels of performance.

  • Luca Achille Sepe, Chief Executive Officer & Founder SHAA
11:55 - 12:30
Panel – Brand safety inflection point?

Brand Safety may have beeen an overused phrase in 2017, but ensuring brands have safe experiences online has arguably hit its inflection point. Reacting to brands need for transparency the IAB introduced the ads.txt standard. On top of that there have been serious concerns about contextual advertising and a commitment from publishers and technology companies to demonstrate compliance with best practice. So what have we learned and what does the future hold for Brand confidence?

  • John Montgomery, Executive VP Brand Safety GroupM Global (Moderator)
  • Neil Bowman, VP Advertising Technology BBC Advertising
  • Anthony Hitchings, Digital Advertising Operations Director Financial Times
11:55 - 12:30
New dawn in digital advertising: partnerships, alliances and co-opetition
  • Jamie West, Sky EBX RTL AdConnect
  • Daniel Bischoff Marketing Director or Anna Maria Vujinovic (Digital Director)
12:30 - 13:20
13:20 - 13:50
Panel – Optimising the human, re-engineering roles for the new digital ecosystem

In an increasingly automated and AI-driven media landscape, businesses face a fundamental choice: they can focus on efficiencies and push human beings into the background, or they can leverage the extra capacity that technology provides to empower their people. Ad Operations training consultant Rob Beeler is joined by Hossein Houssaini of Havas and Richard Dunmall of MediaIQ. Together they explore the talent development strategies that are securing a role for intuition, empathy and humanity in the media supply chain.

  • Neslihan Olcay, Chief Executive Officer, Wavemaker Turkey, Chair of the Education and Training Committee IAB Europe
  • Hossein Houssaini, Global Head Programmatic Solutions Havas Group;
  • Richard Dunmall, President Media iQ;
  • Kevin Brook, Chief Executive Officer and Founder MetaX;
13:20 - 13:50
Keynote – Artificial Intelligence: myth vs. reality in the advertising world

Xaxis shares an exclusive preview into the initial results of their pan European research carried out in partnership with IAB Europe on the state of Artificial Intelligence. What are the current expectations, challenges and future of Artificial Intelligence for organisations within our advertising ecosystem? Is it the next industrial revolution? Will all humans be replaced by robots? How much myth vs reality is true of the current uses of AI? These questions will be answered and more by our resident EMEA AI expert, Silvia Sparry, EMEA Operations MD, Xaxis.

  • Silvia Sparry, Managing Director of Operations EMEA Xaxis
13:55 - 14:15
Keynote – Creativity and interactivity
  • Caroline Hugonenc, Global Vice President Research Teads
14:15 - 14:50
Panel – The way ahead. What do advertisers want to see next in our industry?

Online advertising is the most accountable medium marketers have ever had.  It also brings frustrations. The advertiser view panel will include be a frank discussion of what works well, and what could be improved, independently moderated by Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA at Sublime Skinz.

  • Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA Sublime Skinz (Moderator)
  • Barbara Sala, CEE Strategic Connection and Media Director Coca Cola
  • Bastien Parizot, Global Head of Consumer Engagement and Personalization Nestlé
  • Ben Sutherland, Chief Digital Officer Diageo
15:05 - 15:40
Keynote – What happens when digital giants ditch online advertising?

The rise of digital giants has been facilitated by their clever business models which leverage personal data of their users and turn it into highly personalized online ads. Yet, the seeming permanence of those models, once taken for granted, is increasingly put into question on a number of fronts. On the one hand, the ability to find secondary uses to the networked infrastructures as well as the data harvested in the process of selling online advertising has allowed big tech firms to expand far beyond their original business  model and start offering services such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence; those services tend to offer much higher profit margins than online advertising (which itself is becoming more expensive due to higher costs of traffic acquisition). On the other hand, growing concerns about the negative social consequences of data extractivist models embraced by digital platforms (e.g. the ease with which fake news proliferates online) have pushed tech firms to consider other ways of monetizing their services, including subscription or usage fees for the services they offer; governments, on recognizing that tech platforms perform functions akin to those of utility firms, might eventually help subsidize some of those charges and usage fees, as long as it helps decrease the velocity and power of fake news. What are the social ramifications of this shift away from online advertising as the dominant force shaping the development of digital giants? And what would happen to many of their users’ online and offline activities that digital giants have helped to subsidize, at whatever political and social cost?

  • Evgeny Morozov, author of The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom
15:40 - 16:15
Keynote – Embracing an ever-changing future for digital advertising

The importance of digital advertising to business growth will only increase – but that doesn’t make the future of digital advertising any more predictable. To thrive, businesses must embrace the continual disruption that is characteristic of the digital landscape. Brand strategist Amelia Torode examines the practical changes that they can make, in order to do so: not just executing digital transformation programmes, but building business strategies, workplace cultures and supplier relationships that are optimised for on-going change.

  • Amelia Torode, Founder The Fawnbrake Collective
16:00 - 16:05
Wrap Up
  • Townsend Feehan, Chief Executive Officer, IAB Europe

2018 Speakers


Senior Advisor, GroupM

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Rob is Global Chief Digital Officer of GroupM, a Director of WPP Digital and BBC Global News. In addition, Rob is a Governor of The Center for the Digital Future at USC and of the Future of Advertising Project at Wharton and a member of the Facebook Client Council. Rob’s job is to lead the Group’s understanding of the disruptors and the disrupted and promote scalable innovation for clients. In social media, Rob has a large footprint including over 150,000 followers on LinkedIn, a platform which he uses to promote the integrity of digital marketplaces as a mechanism to ensure the industry knows what GroupM and its clients expect from the vendor community. Rob is widely published and works with a wide portfolio of our clients from Chanel to Unilever, Nestle, NBC Universal and many others. A 30-year veteran, Rob’s personal goal is to remain relevant and to use the experience of the old and combine it with knowledge of the new to create value for clients. Rob lives in Connecticut and is beloved by the airline industry for his carbon footprint.


Founder, The Fawnbrake Collective

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Fascinated by brands, technology, culture and ideas, Amelia Torode is one of the UK’s best known strategic planners. Campaign magazine describe her as a “trailblazer in the advertising industry, a brilliant strategic thinker and leader.” She was one of the first WPP Marketing Fellows in 1997 and subsequently worked at agencies such as Naked Communications, OgilvyInteractive New York, VCCP and at TBWA\London as their Chief Strategy Officer. Amelia recently launched The Fawnbrake Collective, designed to be a new operating system for Brand Strategy & Experience Design using independent and freelance talent who have chosen to opt out of large agency structures. Amelia is a TEDx Talk-er on Brands On The Brain, a Part Time Power List winner, “Planner of The Year”, a mum/wife of Arsenal obsessives, and an unfit runner. Twitter keeps her informed, Instagram keeps her sane.


Group Media Department Director, Richemont

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Franck has been involved in marketing and communication business since graduating from Paris University in 1994. After 12 years in the automotive industry, dealing with mar com stakes as communication manager for several brands, as Saab or Alfa Romeo, he joined Mindshare, one of the worldwide leading WPP media agency network, as Managing Partner in 2006. There he ran the business for a portfolio of blue chip clients such as Rolex, HSBC, IBM, Motorola, Lufhansa or Sony Playstation. He joined Richemont as Head of Media Department in September 2010, a department whose principal mission is to support Richemont Maisons on their media buying strategy on more than 50 markets. One of the key challenge of the Group today being how to conciliate fast expansion of Digital vehicles with luxury sector’s business fundamentals.


European Data Protection Supervisor

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Giovanni Buttarelli is the European Data Protection Supervisor. He was appointed by a joint decision of the European Parliament and the Council on 4 December 2014 for a term of five years. From January 2009- December 2004, he served as Assistant Supervisor. Before joining the EDPS, he was Secretary General at the Italian Data Protection Authority from 1997-2009. As a Cassation judge in the Italian judiciary, he has long been involved in many initiatives and committees on data protection and related issues at international level.


Digital Advertising Operations Director, Financial Times

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Anthony is responsible for digital advertising operations at Financial Times.  The remit includes management of ad tech strategy, campaign management, campaign planning and insight reporting, marketing for branded content campaigns and the CRM strategy for the commercial department.  Previously Anthony worked on the product development team where he was responsible for commercial product development.  In short he loves a bit of ad tech and pushing the boundaries when it comes to developing commercial products. Outside of work Anthony is a keen cyclist and has recently taken on the challenge of managing the design, fundraising and build of a new scout headquarters for his local scout group.


CEO, ExchangeWire

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Ciaran O’Kane is the CEO of ExchangeWire, the leading global digital advertising trade publication and research firm.  He has worked in digital advertising over the last ten years as a developer, digital marketer, ad operations provider, media monetisation specialist and senior sales executive.  He continues to write editorial for ExchangeWire on advertising technology, marketing technology and programmatic  - and acts as an advisor to a number of leading digital media companies in Europe.


Founder & CEO, ProgRox

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Erol is a 30-year media industry veteran, who has held regional and international leadership roles, covering commercial, entrepreneurial, strategic, technical & communication responsibilities, with skills and experience gained from building and managing market-leading Digital Media and Ad Operations/Technology organisations, Sales Support, Technical and Business Consultancy, Network Support Operations, Outsourced Managed Services and Technical Pre-Sales Support. He has held executive management responsibilities in a wide variety of business entities and cultures, from major multi-nationals such as OMD, Google, Microsoft, EMC, Oracle, Exodus and IBM, to multiple start-ups. Erol has grown these start-up businesses substantially, with substantial revenue and delivery capability increases, and taken them to the point of trade sale, and has built UK, EMEA & Asia-Pacific organisations.


Chairman of the Board of Directors IAB Europe

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Constantine has been passionate about the media business since the start of his career in the early 90s. Early stints included Lambrakis Press (93-96), as Head of Electronic Publishing (which pre-web meant… audiotext!) and the Paris-based World Association of Newspapers (96-2000), as Director of Management Services to members. Over the last decade or so, he has been sitting on the Boards of leading Greek companies, advising them on Digital Strategy & Business Development as well as Corporate and Brand Communications. As association work can be quite addictive, Constantine continues to be active in trade bodies: a founder of IAB Greece in 2001 and co-founder of IAB Europe in 2002, he currently serves as IAB Europe’s Chairman of the Board of Directors since May 2013. He is also an adviser to OPA Europe, working with a select group of premium content providers on the association’s “best practices in digital publishing” program.


Head of Martech and Ops, The Economist

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Steve Lok is currently Head of Martech and Ops at The Economist, and has been working in technology and digital transformation for more than 20 years - his team likes to refer to him simply as “The Plumber”.A thought leader in the marketing technology, Steve started his career as a web developer in the 90s, founded a healthtech startup, and then led agile transformation before his current 'unicorn' role at The Economist helping his team execute on their visions of the modern marketing future. Applying his experience into marketing transformation has brought The Economist a gold Cannes Lions, DMA Grand Prix, in a host of tech, data, and marketing awards. His breakout work in this space has led to a revenue revolution at The Economist, pioneering record-breaking growth every year for the last three years.Steve is a passionate speaker and over-sharer on martech and digital transformation, engaging audiences on how the confluence of tech, data, and content is real, reproducible, and provable.


Executive Director TMT Research & Analytics, IHS Markit

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Daniel is Executive Director TMT Research & Analytics at IHS Markit. His focus areas include the future of TV and video, social media platforms, advertising-funded business models, AI-driven marketing, data strategies, media policy & privacy. He is also responsible for data innovation and overall research & analytics strategy. At IHS Markit, Daniel works with a diverse array of organizations from media and entertainment groups, financial institutions, to governments and technology firms, advising on strategy, providing due diligence, trend modelling and expert insight. His comments have appeared in the New York Times, The Guardian, Le Monde, Variety and other international newspapers and industry journals. He is a regular guest on TV and radio, and frequent conference speaker. Daniel also serves as an advisor to several think tanks and technology firms. Daniel completed his PhD at the London School of Economics (LSE) with a dissertation on how humans and machine intelligence systems interact in shaping the world, and what that means for the future of our society and economy. He continues to be active in the academic space.


Chairman of AdMonsters and Founder, Beeler.Tech

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Rob Beeler is currently Chairman of AdMonsters and Founder of Beeler.Tech based in New Jersey.  Rob founded Beeler.Tech in September 2016 to share his 20 plus years of ad operations and ad tech experience and offer consulting and training on digital media revenue platforms for larger publishers, agencies and brands. Rob has been with AdMonsters since 2008 serving as Editor-In-Chief of and lead on AdMonsters global conferences focused on ad technology and digital media. Prior, he was Executive Director of Ad Operations and Analytics at Advance Internet (now Advance Digital) a leading creator of local news and information across the United States from 1999 to 2008. Rob has extensive knowledge in digital advertising (display, programmatic, video, native, mobile), training and event management and content programming. He is a member of the IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification Program Exam Committee. Rob graduated from Syracuse University in 1990 with a BA in English and Producing Electronic Media.


Executive Vice President of Brand Safety, GroupM Global

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John Montgomery is Group’s Executive Vice President of Brand Safety.  He was appointed to this role in August, 2016 to ensure that GroupM client’s brands are protected from risks in the digital supply chain, like fraud and piracy and to ensure that the digital components of their plans are effective in every region. John’s WPP career began when he joined Ogilvy in South Africa in 1989 as Media Director and launched Mindshare in that country. In the final three years he spent in South Africa, he was Managing Director of the Ogilvy Group in Cape Town, one of the most creative agencies in the Ogilvy Worldwide network. In 2001, John moved to Amsterdam as CEO, Ogilvy Group Netherlands. In 2004, John relocated to New York to lead the Interactive media practice for Mindshare and Ogilvy and was subsequently appointed as Global CEO of Mindshare Interaction in 2006 where he established the digital practice for Mindshare worldwide. In 2009, he took on the role of COO of GroupM Interaction for North America and in 2015 was appointed as the Chairman of Connect North America. John is seen as one of the digital innovators in the field and speaks regularly on issues such as Audience buying, Brand safety, Data Quality and Privacy.  He has represented the advertising industry to the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee and the White House and is on the Internet Steering Committee for the WEF. John is also immediate past chairman of the 4A’s Media Leadership Council and leads The Privacy Task group for 4A’s. In addition, John is co-chairman of the TAG anti-piracy initiative. In 2013, John was nominated by Adweek as one of the 12 smartest people in media and won a Media All-Star Award from Media Post and was most recently acknowledged amongst the 100 people who make advertising great by the 4A's in the US.


Chief Executive Officer, Interactive Advertising Bureau

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Randall Rothenberg is the Chief Executive Officer of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the trade association for interactive marketing in the United States. The IAB represents over 600 leading media, marketing and technology companies. Its members include Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, The New York Times, Walt Disney Co., NBC Universal, CBS,, and scores of other ad-supported digital companies, which are responsible for selling more than 86% of online advertising in the U.S. To support the growth of the interactive advertising and marketing industries, the IAB serves as the industry’s public policy and lobbying organization, market and consumer research center, training and development base, and hub for the development of technical standards and operating best practices. The IAB has 45 affiliate associations around the world. Mr. Rothenberg led the IAB from 2007 through 2010, and rejoined the association in March 2011, after a stint as Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer of Time Inc. Prior to his IAB role, Mr. Rothenberg was the Senior Director of Intellectual Capital of Booz Allen Hamilton, the international strategy and technology consulting firm, where he oversaw business development, knowledge management, and thought leadership activities, and directed the award-winning business journal strategy+business, Strategy+Business Books,, and other electronic and print publications published by Booz Allen for senior business executives. Previously, he served as the firm’s Chief Marketing Officer. Prior to Booz Allen, Mr. Rothenberg spent six years at The New York Times, where he was the technology editor and politics editor of the Sunday magazine, the daily advertising columnist, and a media and marketing reporter. For 10 years, he was a marketing and media columnist for Advertising Age. Mr. Rothenberg is the author of Where the Suckers Moon: An Advertising Story (Alfred A. Knopf, 1994), a critically-acclaimed chronicle of the birth, evolution, and death of a single advertising campaign. Mr. Rothenberg received an undergraduate degree in Classics from Princeton University and currently lives in New York City.


VP Advertising Technology, BBC Advertising

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Neil Bowman is the Vice-President of Advertising Technology for BBC Advertising. He is responsible for the technical direction and integration of all ad platforms across the globe. This includes responsibility for ad serving, programmatic, data management and warehousing,  new ad format and site monitoring across BBC’s international TV, radio and digital portfolio. Neil is an active member of the IAB tech lab and board member of IAB Europe. Prior to joining the BBC, Neil held senior roles in technology, product and operations at AOL Advertising where he ran a team of specialists focussing on adserving technology, video, mobile platforms and audience targeting for their O&O properties. He also held technical and operational positions at ITV and Trinity Mirror.


Chief Digital Officer, Media Impact GmbH & Co. (Axel Springer)

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Carsten Schwecke was born on the 19th of February 1976 in Oldenburg. In 2001 he successfully graduated in economics with a distinction in marketing from ESCP-EAP, studying in Paris, Oxford and Berlin. After obtaining his university degree, he began his professional career. He has, for example, held positions such as Managing Director at Travelzoo (Europe) Ltd. for Germany and Spain. Between 2005 and 2008, he worked as Online Director at IQ Digital Media Marketing, online marketer of the publishing group Holtzbrinck. In the course of this, he was in charge of clients such as, Zeit Online and Since September 2015, Carsten Schwecke is a member of the executive board of Media Impact, the marketer of Axel Springer and the Funke Media Group. In December 2016 he was appointed to the management board. In his position as Chief Digital Officer, he is responsible for programmatic advertising, digital marketing, revenue & inventory management as well as the digital sales.


Global Head of Programmatic Solutions, Havas Group

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Hossein Houssaini joined Havas Media in 2015 with the mission to build the global music data alliance between Havas and Universal Music Group (Vivendi). He has helped global clients like Emirates, Hyundai, Kia, Disney & Telefonica to transform digitally. Since the beginning of 2017, he also consults clients on a group level for creative and media. Hossein has helped to produce a global training program (Havas University), which today is part of every Havas’ employees development plan, and is available for clients as well. The first training course launched is called the “100% Programmatic Program” and has already certified over 6,000 participants. Before HAVAS, Hossein created IPG Mediabrands’ first Trading Desk, Cadreon, in DACH (GSA) and shortly after, acted as Director Technology for all audience buying platforms (Mediabrands Audience Platform), bringing programmatic to the region. Before Cadreon, Hossein worked for Google, starting in tech support and then moving to a sales manager role re-establishing the Rich Media business for DACH (GSA) & the Nordics, launching projects like YouTube Masthead and developing the markets to a successful business.  Hossein joined the global board of i-com in 2017. This community is comprised of the most extensive international group of industry leaders on the forefront of Smart Data Marketing, ranging from CMOs to top Data Scientists.


Managing Director, Digital,The Telegraph

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Dora is currently the Managing Director, Digital at The Telegraph. Prior to this she was responsible for running the Yahoo EMEA Programmatic & Audience Marketplace. Her team focused on data-driven programmatic video, display, and native media sales via the Brightroll Exchnage, as well as Brightroll DSP sales, supply & data acquisition, analytics, and insights. Prior to this Dora was Yahoo's Head of Optimisation, where she led a team of analysts across six markets and was responsible for campaign management, analysis, and performance. She started working at Yahoo following the acquisition of Blue Lithium – the US start-up ad network – in 2007, where Dora was an early UK employee, creating and leading the client service and optimisation team for display advertising.


President, Media iQ

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Richard is President of Media iQ and key member of the Board of Directors. Richard is well-known as a media and marketing leader globally, with extensive experience within media owner, agency, creative and digital businesses. Dunmall started his career at VNU Business Publications, but soon became interested in Digital Media, moving to Pan-European Ad Sales Hose, AdLINK Internet Media in 2001. Having risen to the role of Sales Director, he departed in 2004 to join WPP digital shop mOne as UK CEO, and then in the same role in the newly created MindShare Interaction. Never one to stand still, Richard could see how media and technology were moving closer together, so in 2006 he moved to aQuantive to run its DRIVEpm and Atlas businesses across Europe as SVP and Managing Director, EMEA. That chapter in his career culminated in his move to Microsoft in 2007, with their global acquisition of the Company. Having integrated the EMEA Team into Microsoft, Richard was given the opportunity to run Microsoft Advertising Greater Asia Pacific, relocating to Hong Kong, with full commercial responsibility for the advertising sales, service, trade marketing and operations functions across markets as far-reaching and diverse as Japan, Greater China, India, Australia, South East Asia and Korea. He then added LATAM and Canada to his scope when promoted to Vice President. In 2011, new opportunities again presented themselves, with Dunmall promoted to Vice President, Global Agencies and Accounts, based in New York. Richard left Microsoft in 2012, joining Naked Communications as Global CEO after a brief stint at Berlin-based mobile ad network Madvertise.  He then relocated back to London in late 2013, joining Bauer Media UK as its first ever Group Managing Director, Advertising, with commercial responsibility for all brands and platforms across the organization. He joined Media IQ in January 2016 as Chief Revenue Officer, before being promoted to President a year later.


VP Sales Europe, Spotify

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Marco Bertozzi is VP of Sales, Europe at Spotify, responsible for the streaming company’s advertising revenue throughout Europe. He began his career as a TV buyer at Zenith Optimedia, where he rose to Head of Digital. Since then he has held various senior leadership roles at TMP Worldwide, Vivaki and Starcom, specialising in programmatic strategy, Audience On Demand, addressable media and performance marketing. A regular contributor to Campaign on programmatic-related topics, Marco joined Spotify in January 2017 and is especially excited about the opportunities for programmatic audio and data innovation at the company. Spotify is a leader in media streaming with over 100 million monthly users globally. Spotify leverages a highly engaged and mobile audience to offer audio, video and display advertising solutions for leading brands.


General Manager, Adtech & Business Development, Publitalia ‘80

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Paola is General Manager of Publitalia ’80, Mediaset Italy saleshouse, where she is leading the Adtech and Business development unit focussing on new business strategies, partnerships, and technology driven innovation.Paola graduated in 2003 as an Engineer at Politecnico of Milan. Thriving into change and passionate about innovation and technology, she has worked in finance and digital media in London first, gaining experience on several markets and international environments, and in Italy, for GroupM.After pioneering the world of programmatic in Italy with the launch of Xaxis, which she led from 2011 to 2015, she has moved to the broadcaster world to jump right in the fascinating evolution of the media industry to launch and grow emerging revenue streams.Currenty Paola is CEO of Adtech Ventures srl and Board Member of Publieurope Ltd, both Publitalia companies on Adtech development and International Saleshouse respectively.  She has been appointed Director in the newly launched European Broadcaster Exchange.


Chief Executive Officer, Tradelab

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As a tech passionate and digital fan, Yohann started creating and monetizing websites at the age of 15 before becoming a “serial entrepreneur” starting 4 start-ups in the web design and advertising sector. He founded Tradelab Smartdata in 2010, a digital data processing entity, therefore Tradelab in 2011, its programmatic media buying extension. Tradelab, as technologic platform, marks today the first independent programmatic media buyer in France and it is also among the 3 main Europeans (SRI, 2017 source), staffed by 170 employees in its 6 worldwide offices.


Managing Director EMEA, Index Exchange

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With more than 15 years of leadership experience in the digital media industry, James is applying his expertise towards the growth and expansion of Index Exchange’s offices and operations across Europe and new global markets. Prior to joining Index, he was the CEO of Datacratic, a machine-learning and AI software start up. James has previously served as a consultant to large media companies including Yellow Pages Group, Rogers Digital Media and The Globe and Mail, where he worked with senior executives to establish competitive strategies leveraging the opportunities emerging from a shift to real-time, data-driven advertising. James is a successful angel investor and serves as an advisor to several leading digital media and e-commerce start ups.


Director, Sales Insights EMEA, Oath

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Anita Caras is responsible for leading a team of high performing insight professionals across EMEA.  Under her direction, the team are responsible for delivering consumer insights and data assets that generate demand, support EMEA revenue commitments and help build Oath’s brand equity in the digital advertising space. Passionate about brands and the possibilities that digital media offers, Anita is focused on driving understanding of digital media and the opportunities it creates via data driven dashboards and content pieces, which are distributed both internally and externally to agencies, advertisers and journalists across the Globe. Anita’s 20+ years of media research experience have been drawn from roles both media owner and agency side. Prior to joining Oath, Anita held roles at: Microsoft, ITV, Viacom Brand Solutions/MTV and ZenithOptimedia both in Australia and in the UK. Before that, Anita taught media production and journalistic skills to college children in Long Island, USA.  


SVP, Blockchain Ventures

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Anne is a highly experienced CMO, leader and influencer with deep management experience in leading matrix teams and building business.  Specialising in the creation of strategic marketing propositions for technology and media companies and developing the business strategy to deliver revenue targets. Skills include spearheading business growth based on marketing strategies and programme implementation, technology integration and product innovation, 3rd party alliances and organisation evolution. Anne has over 20 years experience in the commercial management of digital platforms;
  • As SVP Sales Marketing & Ad Technology, BBC Advertising from 2009 to 2017 - BBC Advertising is division of BBC Worldwide that handles the BBC’s commercial business outside of the UK. She was responsible for the global proposition and positioning of BBC Advertising and leading the Advertising technology strategy driving ad systems product development across BBC World News and
  • At Microsoft MSN Anne held a number of senior management roles leading the global sales marketing strategy for Microsoft Advertising, The positioning plan for the launch of Microsoft Search (Bing). Introduction of the key account client management strategy and the global launch of digital advertising at Cannes Lions through the first digital sponsorship.
Prior to BBC Worldwide, Anne spent several years in senior international management positions within commercial organisations including systems integrators Getronics (acquired by KPM Telecom), PwC, British Airways, BT (British Telecom) and Benetton, working closely with teams in Hong Kong, Seattle, New York, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Anne was Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee of IAB Europe and is a member of Council for University of Bath. She is a graduate of Durham University, where she gained a BSc in Geography and is studying for a MA in Leadership and Sustainability at IFLAS at the University of Cumbria specialising in the principals of mutuality and democracy. Anne is currently taking time out to learn about block chain focusing on its application to the ad supply chain in the context of transparency and trust - as well as exploring its usage in the consumer experience through sovereign identity and the possibilities of tokenisation as an alternative commercial model for content creation.


Vice President Marketing Science, Facebook

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Brad Smallwood leads Facebook’s Measurement and Insights group, responsible for analyzing and optimizing the online and offline impact of Facebook’s advertising. Smallwood works with the world’s largest brands and agencies both to measure advertising effectiveness and to improve the relevance of ad campaigns to Facebook users. Advertisers his team works with range from direct-response marketers interested in driving immediate consumer actions, to brand marketers looking to understand offline ROI as well as affect more long-term attitudinal changes in consumers (e.g. brand awareness metrics). In addition to ad effectiveness measurement, Smallwood oversees the day-to-day management of Facebook’s worldwide ad inventory including pricing, inventory controls, and running of Facebook’s marketplace. Smallwood has over 20 years of experience developing and running both on and offline marketplaces. Prior to joining Facebook, he was General Manager of Yahoo’s multi-billion dollar display advertising business. While there, he worked to introduce several third-party demand channels to help strengthen the industry-leading Yahoo marketplace, including the acquisition of Right Media. Prior to Yahoo, Smallwood worked at startups Namezero, AllAdvantage, and Revcube, where he developed a series of state-of-the-art ad targeting and ad serving techniques. These techniques include the first behavioral targeting system, along with an integrated platform for online campaign management across search, display, email, creative, and landing page optimization. Before this, Smallwood was one of the early innovators in the pricing space, developing and running the pricing and revenue management systems for a variety of industries including airlines, hotels, and shipping.


Chief Executive Officer, Wavemaker Turkey and Chair of the IAB Europe Education & Training Committee

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Neslihan Olcay was named as the CEO of WAVEMAKER Turkey in October 2017. She has also been the Chief Digital Development Officer of GroupM Turkey since January 2016, working alongside her duties at WAVEMAKER. She is also responsible from AdvantageM, GroupM’s talent development academy and the digital transformation programme. Neslihan is an active member of the media and advertising community in Turkey. She is one of the founding members of IAB Turkey and currently acts as the Vice President and the chair of the Training Committee. She was also named as the chair of IAB Europe Education & Training Committee in May 2017. She has contributed to many events including Webit Congress, MMA ICT Summit and Media Summit. She acted as a judge or a jury president for many local and global awards, including IAB Mixx Awards Europe in 2014 and Cannes Media Lions in 2016. Neslihan also taught media planning courses at Istanbul University and Galatasaray University for 8 years. She co-authored “Markaloji”, a book published in 2012, on integrated marketing communications which aims at providing students of communication a comprehensive source in Turkish. Before joining to WAVEMAKER, Neslihan was the CEO of Maxus Turkey for 7 years. Prior to Maxus, she worked at Mindshare Turkey for 7 years and has been working in the advertising and marketing communications industry since 1993. She lives in Istanbul with her 19-year-old son, is a fan of sci-fi movies and TV serials and enjoys adventure and strategy games.


Chief Commercial Officer Large Account, Italiaonline

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Born in 1973, Andrea graduated in Industrial engineering at Politecnico of Milan and has had a long consultancy experience in McKinsey. Andrea was also in Google, where he was in charge of Global Partnerships for Italy. He was also founder of The Real Face, a company of web marketing services in which he served as chairman and CEO. Previously Andrea has been Managing director in the international group Noemalife and for 4 years, from 2007 to 2011, he served as managing director of System 24, the advertising sales house for the 24 Ore group. He joined Italiaonline in February 2017.


Gobal VP Research, Teads

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Global VP Strategic Development, Teads

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Writer and researcher

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Evgeny Morozov is the author of The Net Delusion and To Save Everything, Click Here. Morozov’s monthly column on technology and politics appears in The Observer (UK) and is syndicated in various newspapers across Europe. His writings have appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and other publications. Previously a senior editor at The New Republic, he has been a fellow at Georgetown University, Stanford University, Open Society Foundations, New America Foundation, and the American Academy in Berlin.


Group Client Strategy Director, Awin Global

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Kevin has worked in affiliate marketing for 15 years and at Awin for more than ten of those. In his role he’s responsible for empowering the company’s employees and clients with the right data and insights to make the most informed decisions about their campaigns. He also produces content and research for the global business. He was previously Chair of the Affiliate Marketing Council in the UK and continues to play an active role in the IAB’s Legislation and Standards’ Committee and Performance Marketing Council as Deputy Chair. He also advises on the annual Online Performance Study that scopes the size and scale of the affiliate industry in the UK.


Head of Advertising Product Strategy, Schibsted Media (Norway) & Vice-Chair IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee

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Christer is currently heading up advertising product strategy at Schibsted Media in Norway. He is focused on identifying large and small opportunities for Schibsted Media in the intersection of business, technology and industry developments and initiate response to ensure Schibsted’s readiness. Through the last 10 years he held a variety of roles within Schibsted, and have been a though leader and change agent for digital advertising product and technology convergences as Schibsted has gone through the transformation from a conglomerate of media companies to a media house of brands. With Schibsted Media now earning the benefits of larger scale, focus lately have been to look beyond Schibsted, taking a lead in exploring opportunities for publisher in Schibsted core markets to work together.


CEE Media Director, Coca Cola

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Chief Executive Officer, OneTrust

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Kabir Barday is the Chief Executive Officer of OneTrust, and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPPUS/E, CIPM, CIPT). Since founding the company, Barday has led OneTrust to significant growth achievements and unprecedented multi-national performance in the privacy risk management and compliance sector. The enterprise privacy management software is used by more than 1,500 global organizations to comply with data privacy and regulations across sectors and jurisdictions. Prior to OneTrust, Barday served as Director of Product Management at AirWatch, which was acquired by VMWare in 2014 for $1.54B. The company now serves more than 20,000 global customers and is recognized as the undisputed market leader in mobility management. While at AirWatch, Barday received the HP-IAPP’s Most Innovative Privacy Technology Award after launching the Privacy First program


Global Head of Consumer Engagement and Personalization, Nestlé

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Bastien Parizot is heading Consumer Engagement & Personalization at Nestlé since 2016. His mission is to support the company’s eBusiness ambition to transform marketing activities through data. His role covers the company data strategy, as well as social media, CRM and Consumer Service, partnerships and leveraging data through media activities. Before joining Nestlé, he spent the previous 10 years in the Sports Industry, leading digital and direct to consumer business for several brands and retailers. Nestlé location in the Swiss Alps helps him keeping sports as a core priority where all outdoor activities can be practiced summer and winter with his family.


MD of EMEA Operations, XAXIS

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Silvia has worked in the digital industry for 13 years: she started her career in online advertising at Vibrant Media where she launched and managed the Operation teams across Europe leading to rapid growth. She joined Xaxis UK in 2013 and has held various positions within Campaign Management and Insights & Analytics functions to meet the increasing demands of the business. Currently as the MD of EMEA Operations, she is the main driver of Xaxis' Outcomes positioning leveraging the power of its proprietary AI technology, Copilot driving measurable results for clients.


Global Chief Revenue Officer, MetaX

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As MetaX Global CRO, industry veteran Alanna Gombert oversees MetaX product creation, strategy, and go to market including the adChain and adToken dApps. Prior to MetaX, Alanna served as SVP, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab. There she was integral in the development of the industry response to ad blocking with LEAN, OpenRTB 3.0, and played a significant role in the creation of ads.txt, which provides power to publishers to publicly declare legitimate inventory sellers. She also broadened the Tech Lab’s global reach with rapid growth in Japan, China, and Europe. Before the IAB Tech Lab, Alanna was General Manager, Digital Supply Investment, at Accuen/Omnicom Media Group. Previously she was Head of Digital Sales and Strategy at Condé Nast and founder of CatalystDesk, Condé Nast’s digital media trading platform. Gombert joined Condé Nast in March 2013 from Google by way of Admeld, where she ran the trading desk, agency, and demand - side platform relationships and helped grow RTB from an idea into an industry mainstay. Her early career included stints with Right Media (acquired by Yahoo in 2007), Nielsen, DoubleClick, and in the finance world with JP Morgan Chase and Commerzbank.


Chief Executive Officer and Founder, MetaX

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Ken Brook is the Founder and CEO of MetaX, a blockchain technology company driving development and adoption of open platforms for digital advertising. A serial entrepreneur, Brook has built technology companies from the ground up since 2010. Prior to MetaX, Brook founded several adtech companies that led to his interest in developing blockchain-based solutions for the advertising industry. In addition to being very active in the advertising and blockchain communities, Brook advises several blockchain startups. Brook earned his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies and Business and Communications from Arizona State University.  


Chief Digital Officer, Diageo

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Ben Sutherland is Diageo’s first Chief Digital Officer, having joined the drinks business in 2016 to shape its digital future. His role covers technology, global media partnerships and digital talent, running Diageo’s Centre of Digital Excellence and overseeing strategic investment for the business, whose brands include Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Smirnoff, Guinness and Captain Morgan. Ben started his career at MindShare in 1998, before spending over six years at Tri-Direct and nearly five at Rapp. He then worked jointly at Vizeum and iProspect from May 2013, before taking up the role of Chief Performance Officer at iProspect in May 2014, from where he took up the role at Diageo. Ben’s considers himself an ‘aging jock’, a keen sports fan with an Msc in Sports Physiology from Loughborough University. These days he spends more time sipping Tanqueray than scoring tries, and has a young daughter who keeps him on his toes!  


General Manager, Quantcast Italy

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Ilaria Zampori is the general manager of Quantcast Italy. In her role, Ilaria works closely with some of Italy’s largest brands and publishers to help them grow by applying Quantcast’s machine learning technology to the company’s unique live data drawn from more than 100 million online destinations. Prior to Quantcast, Ilaria held senior leadership roles in other important international companies. She was International Product Manager of AdLINK Internet Media, International Business Development Director of Hi-media Group and General Manager of Quisma (now GM Connect) where she led the company’s successful launch in the Italian market.  


EMEA Managing Director, Sublime Skinz

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Andrew joined the leading solution for high-impact non-intrusive digital advertising, Sublime Skinz in May 2017 with 20 years’ experience in international internet environments and specialisms in ad tech, search, start-up creations, and turnaround management in e-commerce. In his role as EMEA MD at Sublime Skinz, Andrew is instrumental in meeting growing demand in the region, forming strategic partnerships and promoting the adoption of new impacting and non-intrusive ad solutions and technologies. One of his main missions is to drive future developments in key European markets such as Spain, Italy, and Germany. Previously, Andrew was EMEA MD at OpenX, where he was responsible for accelerating adoption of the advertising platform throughout the EMEA region. Prior to this, Andrew’s extensive experience in the ad tech industry has included high-profile roles at Tradedoubler, where he advanced the scale, profitability, and reputation of the company, and Yahoo!, where he took the lead on multiple sizeable European projects. Based in the UK, Andrew is half French and bilingual, having previously lived in France with his young family. As well as being a keen endurance sportsman, Andrew likes to practice card tricks on any willing audience.


Head of Product Management, Quantcast

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Somer Simpson has spent over 20 years in online media or media-related start-ups. She left a budding career in photojournalism to explore “this new web thing” in 1994 when she helped spearhead digital content for the Gainesville Sun, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, and the Miami Herald. In 1999, she moved west to run product for Knight Ridder Digital, leading the team that built the company’s centralized content ingestion and publishing system. The platform, along with several other social-based innovations, enabled the team to publish before, during and after the storm when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 and took Knight-Ridder’s Biloxi paper offline. The combined print and online coverage won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service Journalism. After Knight-Ridder, she led product teams and drove strategy at several companies, including Zvents and AT&T Interactive, eventually moving to Quantcast this year to help grow the Measure product for publishers. Somer continues to stay up-to speed on the latest in product management, UX design, front-end development, mobile-first, SEO, advertising platforms and even a bit of photography.


CEO and Founder, SHAA

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Luca Achille Sepe, founder and CEO of SHAA, was born in Milan in 1957. He established his first business venture in 1983, creating Pony Express after completing his studies at Milan’s Bocconi university and subsequently went on to found “China Cena” - Milan and Rome’s first food delivery service - in 1987. In 1991, he joined the management team of Cesena SpA and then in 1999 became one of Italy’s first e-commerce entrepreneurs, founding the website Misterprice, which he ran until 2006. In 2007, he set up the e-commerce service provider Jakala eBusiness, together with senior managers from the Jakala Group, while in 2010 he co-founded media-tech company SHAA, in partnership with a group of financial investors.


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Interact  2018

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MIXX Awards Europe

The MIXX Awards recognise and celebrate the best digital advertising campaigns in Europe.

Winning entries will be showcased to educate the marketplace about what works and why in digital marketing, as well as inspire the industry by highlighting new ideas and future trends.

All European campaigns that have been entered into a national or international award competition are invited to participate.

Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are available for each category. Gold award winners will be entered into the MIXX Grand Prix award representing the pinnacle of achievement in European digital marketing this year.

The MIXX Awards Europe shortlist is out!

The MIXX Awards Europe 2018 winners will be presented on the evening of May 23 at the Gala Dinner of the IAB Europe Interact conference in Milan.

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Research Awards

The IAB Europe Research Awards recognise and showcase great European digital research projects and the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry.

Winning projects will become part of the IAB Europe expanding libraries of proof points, including the Programmatic, Multi-Device and Connected World and Ad Effectiveness libraries, for industry professionals to use in their strategies and daily work.

The IAB Europe Research Awards shortlist is out!

The Research Awards 2018 winners will be presented on the evening of May 23 at the Gala Dinner of the IAB Europe Interact conference in Milan.

Categories | Jury | Shortlist | Winners


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Take the underground line 2 (green) in the direction of Abbiategrasso / Assago Milano Forum and get off at Porta Genova. Use the stairs to cross the tracks and continue along Via Tortona.


Take the underground line 2 (green) in the direction of Abbiategrasso / Assago Milano Forum and get off at Porta Genova. Use the stairs to cross the tracks and continue along Via Tortona.


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