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This two-day conference consisting of keynote speeches and panel discussions will host more than 40 outstanding industry experts, agency representatives and publishers to share their experiences, inspirations and solutions on the Interact conference stages.
The full schedule with timings can be found here. See below for some of the conference highlights that you should not miss!

Liam Brennan

Global Director of Innovation at MediaCom

“Acting like a startup” – Structured innovation for future growth

Brands are looking to start-ups as a source of inspiration on how to embrace change, innovate around product and route to market, but also as an increasing threat to their businesses. But why would a brand want to emulate a business model with a 90% chance of failure? This talk will show how brands can embrace change and drive growth through structured innovation – business orientated goal setting, collaboration, and developing a learn and scale culture.

James Brown

Managing Director EMEA, Rubicon Project

The growth of ad tech in 2019

Digital advertising is in the throes of growing change as we see a mini revolution unfold, bringing new channels and trading environments to the field. In this session, Rubicon Project’s EMEA Managing Director James Brown, unpacks what we are experiencing in the ad tech industry today, from emerging programmatic formats such as audio and video to the evolution of header bidding and open source technology.

Dennis Buchheim

SVP and GM of the IAB Tech Lab

Nick Stringer

VP, Global Engagement & Operations, TAG

Fighting Ad Fraud: Our Global Mission

This ‘deep dive’ and discussion session will explore industry’s challenge in tackling ad fraud and promoting a brand safe environment, including:

  • The current ‘state of play’ – dealing with ever-moving sophisticated problems;
  • The adoption of new tools – the latest in industry innovation;
  • Evolving cross-market self-regulatory initiatives – and their effectiveness;
  • The need for a collaborative international approach – including pro-active brand advertiser support;
  • The importance of local law enforcement.

Benoit Cacheux

Global Head of Digital & Innovation, Zenith

Ravi Jagdeo

Global Digital Trading Director, Reckitt Benckiser (RB) 

Resolving the Personalisation Conundrum

Personalisation is considered the holy grail for many marketers, and digital advertising is the most effective channel to achieve it because of its ability to deliver precisely targeted messages to consumers. But, while consumers say they want tailored content, they are becoming increasingly sceptical of the technology that enables it. During this session, we will discuss how to resolve this paradox through a performance-led approach to deliver commercial innovation and business transformation.

Anthony Capano

Managing Director, EMEA, Rakuten Marketing

AI in the Age of GDPR: How Brands Can Create Valuable Experiences While Ensuring Consumer Privacy

The tech industry has been able thrive over the past few decades while enjoying limited oversight. We in the tech community need to serve as advocates for ourselves and the industry, but consumers to the respect their growing demand for enhanced transparency and control over their data. The landscape may be changing, but marketers can utilize the right technology, like Artificial Intelligence, to not only create more meaningful customer experiences but to also ensure that their privacy is respected. Brands who are at the forefront of this will come out on top and those who aren’t will be stuck playing catch-up. In this keynote, Anthony Capano will outline what global brands can learn from GDPR measures and the effective ways they can develop the best practices to meet their business and customer needs.

Anita Caras

Insights Director, Verizon Media

Understanding Digital Content Consumption In A Moment

Marketers have always been storytellers, and today, there are more ways than ever before to engage consumers through richer, more relevant and deeply engaging content. Content discovery is organic, consumers choose whether to engage through a tap, click or swipe, often within a split second and frequently on-the-go so understanding motivations and intentions at a deep level, is required. In response, Verizon Media have looked at the changes in consumption patterns on a Global scale, looking beyond the content we consume to what drives us to it in the first place which, we believe, is critical to capture consumer attention and make an impact.

Paul Crick

Strategy Manager, Watson Marketing, IBM Europe

Reinventing Marketing with AI

Today’s marketers are faced with a new set of problems — too much data to make sense of, soaring customer expectations and a lack of trust in brands. The good news is that the new technology as Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping marketers to be superheroes in understanding their clients and growing business. AI is not science fiction anymore. It is reinventing all professions, including marketing. Are you ready for marketing with AI?

Edyta Czarnota

Managing Partner at Zymetria, co-owner

Maciej Żyto

E-commerce executive in omnichannel retail, Douglas Polska

How to grow in e-commerce market? Who are the ones that do not buy yet in your category? Why they don’t and how to overcome it?

We present selection of findings of probably first on the market extensive research covering e-buyers segmentation in various purchase categories. It identifies purchase drivers and barriers in some e-commerce categories. We finally translate it into rational and emotional communication messages to persuade attractive target groups.

Karol Czupryński

Principal, BCG Warsaw

Driving Growth Through Data-Driven Marketing Google

Seraphina Davey

Country Manager, Russia/CIS + Poland, Taboola

Growth beyond monetization: how publishers will succeed in the long run

Over the past decade, many publishers have partnered with technology providers to generate new revenue streams. But the digital landscape is changing rapidly, and publishers must evolve to create sustainable sources for growth: growth in revenue, growth in engagement, and growth in user loyalty.

This session looks at the innovative ways in which publishers are leveraging technology partners to increase engagement, discover new loyal audiences and deliver tailored experiences to their consumers.

Frank van Eijk

Commercial Director, MeMo²

From Descriptive Analytics to Predictive Analytics – How Machine Learning is Redefining Marketing Research

Case by MeMo² presenting smart applications of AI and Machine Learning to predict marketing effects and increase Return on Ad Spends. This presentation covers practical examples of predictive analytics and tips on how to convert your data into predictive tooling using AI & Machine Learning.

Leigh Freund

President & CEO, Network Advertising Initiative

Doug Miller

Vice President, Global Privacy and Trust at Verizon Media

Julia Shullman

Vice President, Chief Privacy Counsel, at AppNexus, a Xandr Company

Stevan Randjelovic

Brand Safety Manager, GroupM EMEA

Panel: Will the Patchwork of Privacy Regimes Break Interoperability?

Over the past year, companies have made significant changes to their technical and business practices in order to comply with GDPR. Laws around the world–in Japan, Brazil, India, and the US, for example–create increasingly complex regulatory environments and threaten to break interoperability for the ad tech industry. This panel will explore the challenges posed by existing regulations and political threats, and whether radical changes to current business models will be necessary.

Dirk Freytag

CEO, contentpass

GDPR brings new revenue streams

Nigel Gilbert

Chief Market Strategist, EMEA, AppNexus, a Xandr Company

Programmatic – the second wave

The Second Wave – 2018 was a crescendo in the digital advertising industry. From the implementation of GDPR to sector-defining M&A deals, to the consolidation of agencies and brands moving digital advertising in house, change was afoot. As we move into the new year, it is imperative that as an industry we embrace this change, continue to innovate and move forward into the ‘Second Wave.’ This session will look at what will happen now in programmatic advertising. How addressable advertising, making the most of new opportunities presented in the form of Connected TV, coupled with decluttered supply chains and transparent marketplaces are painting a promising picture for 2019 and beyond.

David Goddard

Vice President, Global Programmatic Strategy, BBC Global News

Alex McGibbon

Vice President Client Solutions, Xaxis

Erik Portier

CRO, Targetspot

Zuzanna Gierlinska

Head of Automation EMEA, Spotify

Szymon Lipinski

Data & Strategy Director, Wavemaker

Panel: The Programmatic Audio Advertising landscape in Europe

Digital audio is not a new concept but as it grows it is causing a shift-change in the advertising landscape. From streaming our favourite music to listening to the latest podcast digital audio is a key part of media consumption. In this panel, IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee will explore how the programmatic audio landscape is evolving across Europe, the key opportunities and challenges that it presents and what the future looks like, including how voice will also impact the advertising space.

Bartosz Gołębiowski

Creative Director, Gong

Unlocking Creativity. The key asset for business innovation and growth

Creativity is becoming a key asset for businesses, which want to lead change instead of chasing it. How to access the sources of creativity and transform Your business? Is Creativity a gift accessible to few or a skillset that can be taught and business process, which can be implemented?

Dominic Grainger


The broader challenges facing the advertising industry across Europe and the future of the agency model

Sharing the key trends GroupM seen across Europe – Dominic Grainger will share insights and his view of the future of the industry – and how best to adapt to evolving client needs. He will talk about the broader challenges facing the advertising industry across Europe and his views on the future of the agency model and wider industry.

– Key trends in advertising across Europe
– How to adapt to changing technology and client needs – e.g. addressable TV, in-housing etc – and what GroupM has learnt
– Vision for the future of advertising on a global scale – and Europe’s role

Arndt Groth

President, Smaato

Press Play to Reap the Rewards of In-App Advertising

In-app video ads can provide the highest ROI for brands looking to advertise digitally. Rewarded videos ads, in particular, deliver a highly engaging user experience — and this format has seen a 139% increase in ad spending over the past year on the Smaato platform. This presentation will take an in-depth look at these and further mobile video trends using data from the Smaato platform and industry-wide.

Taide Guajardo

Brand Director, Brand Mastery Society, Europe, Procter & Gamble

P&G Brands are a force for good and a force for growth. How we go from talking to taking action

Every conference starts with acknowledging changes that are constantly happening. There is a lot of talk about “something” that is just starting, and this has been a pattern for the past years. In P&G we decided to move from talking to taking action. We do this through reinventing brand building. We disrupt the way we do business proactively – and we encourage our partners to do the same, reinventing and disrupting the industry together. We are deliberate in redefining what brands can do for society, because consumers demand it. And this in turn drives growth. P&G focusses on three distinct areas of disruption: We are driving brand-growth through making our entire product chain sustainable, we push for gender equality, within our company and externally, and we embrace new technologies that help us adjusting our business models to new shopping and retail environments.
Tech in particular requires a lot of work to master existing opportunities, and to embrace new ones that are popping up every day. P&G pioneers new digital brand building capabilities while being a continued champion for transparency. A lot has been accomplished, but it is not enough and P&G is committed to innovate further every day. We are continuously incorporating our learnings about this unbridled technology expansion into how we do business, and we are committed to help shaping the new generation of standards for privacy, transparency, ethics in the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We need to continue the clean-up of the media value chain. We can’t do this alone and need all of the industry to get together and connect on these efforts. P&G invites all industry players to join in on building brands and create growth through becoming a force for good, through making our products sustainable, our brands champions of D&I, and our businesses masters of technological advancement. 

Lukas Jakobs

Managing Diector, MyOffrz

Why targeted advertising and respecting users privacy is not in contradiction

GDPR and ePrivacy are not only a source of insecurity for the industry but also a chance for upside potential to European businesses. Hyper granular targeted advertising even without collecting any data from users is not only the future of advertising it’s also MyOffrz’s current bread and butter business. Companies in Europe now have the chance to build an ecosystem that is strong, future-proof and independent from GAFA/BAT and which is fully compliant with all European privacy laws.

Christina Keller

Director of Creative Shop – Central Europe, Facebook

Pitch, play, plunge

Pushing creative boundaries within the mobile space for decades, we used to express our ideas as TV-scripts that then cascaded down over an ecosystem of ATL and BTL channels. But marketing and advertising have moved into the mobile space – and will for sure stay there. This forces us all to redefine what really good and impactful creative ideas are and how brands can effectively connect with people.

Anton Kopytov

Chair IAB Europe Research Committee and Partner Technology Consulting, Mindshare

Marta Sułkiewicz

Chief Sales Officer EMEA&APA, Gemius

Christer Ljones

Vice-Chair, IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee and Head of Advertising Product Strategy, Schibsted Media (Norway)

Duncan Southgate

Global Brand Director, Media, Kantar

Panel: Exploring the current digital advertising measurement landscape in Europe

IAB Measurement Framework aims at developing a simplified industry-wide language for effectiveness measurement terminology and methodological approach for digital marketing activities in Europe.
It is based on the survey and case-studies of key research and measurement practitioners across research, advertising agencies and advertisers, and suggests best practice methodology, capabilities and recommendations and for technical set-up.
By and large this initiative will bring more clarity and transparency to learning and measurement agendas, providing specific recommendations on what and how to measure and what drives ROI outcomes.

Rhys Nölke

SVP Strategy & Business Development, RTL Group

Tim Sewell

CEO, YoSpace

Vincent Grivet

Chairman, HbbTV Consortium & Advisor

Sofie Rutgeerts

Senior Digital & Innovation Analyst, SBS Belgium

Panel: Innovation in “Live” Video – from Advanced linear TV, OTT services to personalized TV advertising

The television industry is converging: While online video viewing is seeing rapid user adoption, traditional TV seems at a turning point. A myriad of consumer offers, monetization models and distribution platforms are challenging publishers and advertisers. But despite all the doom and gloom advanced and addressable TV, emerging OTT standards like HbbTV or dynamic ad-insertion are gradually transforming the linear TV business. The panel will discuss the market dynamics and challenges of some of the most innovative solutions for “Live TV” across Europe.

Alex McGibbon

Vice President Client Solutions, Xaxis

Audio’s coming of age, in a programmatic world

Xaxis will look at how capabilities in programmatic can empower the audio advertiser. Whilst digital audio creates the opportunity to reach connected listeners, programmatic capabilities provide further opportunity to grow incremental reach. We show why the programmatic and audio combination can help brands deliver on an outcome that aligns with marketing objectives.

Also, don’t miss the unveiling of the latest results of our recent Audio Survey, conducted in partnership with IAB Europe. Be the first to see the view on drivers, challenges and adoption of programmatic audio in a changing audio landscape across Europe.

Ciaran O’Kane

CEO, Exchange Wire

Joerg Vogelsang

Managing Director, DACH, Central & Eastern Europe (CEE), IndexExchange

Sasha Mordehai

Director Operations & Programmatic, Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG (Axel Springer)

Danny Spears

Commercial & Operations Director of Ozone Platform at The Ozone Project

Panel: Unlocking the Programmatic Black Box: Current status on transparency and trust in the digital advertising supply chain

Midway through 2019 brands are still asking for full visibility over where ads are placed, advertisers are still demanding greater clarity on where budgets are spent, and consumers seeking more assurances in how their data is used. We ask what the industry is doing to meet these requirements and has made progress in removing the barriers to transparency and rebuilding trust?

Justina Raizyte

Head of Development and Policy, European Advertising Standards Alliance

Influencer marketing: most effective future “algorithm” to reach consumers (?)

Advertisers use them to reach eager consumers. Audiences trust and follow their views on products and services. We will navigate through the key elements that come in between: from shifting policy landscape to industry standards, set to ensure effective and responsible influencer marketing in Europe and beyond.

Stevan Randjelovic

Brand Safety Manager, GroupM EMEA

The next brand safety frontier: moral imperative or regulation?

Brand safety is no longer only about ensuring appropriate ad placement, it is about the role the advertising industry wants to play in the context of social safety. If trust is everything for our industry, can we re-earn by adopting moral imperative it or should we be regulated into it? The presentation will explore this dilemma by using the example of fake news.

Kristanne Roberts

Global Development Director – Brand Lift Insights, Kantar

Duncan Southgate

Global Brand Director, Media, Kantar

Digital Growing Pains – How Context Increasingly Matters

This presentation will provide:

– Brand new learning on how the strengths of different digital contexts can be integrated into campaign planning,
– Inspiring best practice case studies of the role of digital context in action,
– Advice on how to overcome the current in-context measurement challenges for digital campaigns.

Mathieu Roche

Co-founder & CEO, ID5

Identity, the key to your programmatic success

The ability to seamlessly identify users is a huge competitive advantage for the walled gardens of digital advertising. Everyone else in Ad Tech uses cookies to identify users.
However, cookies have many limitations, therefore, identification through cookies creates frustration and inefficiency in the value chains.
Join ID5’s session to learn how user identification works in digital advertising, how to improve identification capabilities in order to implement a winning Identity strategy and achieve programmatic success.

Sofie Rutgeerts

Senior Digital & Innovation Analyst, SBS Belgium

How Addressable TV changes the TV Data Ecosystem to fuel business growth

Discover how a challenger in the broadcaster market attracts new advertisers on the TV screen with Smart AD.
The solution of Smart AD inspires the scene of addressable advertising with rules of thumb in defining the ‘audience to address’.
The presentation of Smart AD includes a practical guide with cases, experiences and lessons learned.

Jochen Schlosser

Chief Strategy Officer, Adform

Who’s afraid of AI? Why advertisers shouldn’t be

Automated advertising tools are no more intimating than the smart assistant in your living room – So why is the industry afraid? The answer is fear of undefined change. It’s time we started focusing on the potential of autonomous analytics and decision-making to help advertisers press the skip button on repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and stopped worrying about a future where human creativity becomes redundant – it won’t.

Krzysztof Sobieszek

Practice Lead, Business Transformation, Publicis Media Poland

Zoom-in, zoom-out: Reshaping ecosystem of digital transformation

Is digital industry ready for its own success? What are the scenarios of growth in digital market? How different stakeholders can effectively participate in companies’ digital transformation?

Allan Sorensen

Head of Digital, IAB Denmark & IAB Europe Policy Committee Chair

Townsend Feehan

CEO, IAB Europe

Thomas Adhumeau

Senior Associate General Counsel, Commercial & Privacy, AppNexus a Xandr Company

Alice Lincoln

Senior Vice President, Data Policy & Governance, MediaMath

Stefan Hanloser

Vice-President, Data Protection Law, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Dennis Buchheim

SVP and GM, IAB Tech Lab

Panel: GDPR one year on and the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework 2.0

To prepare for GDPR, IAB Europe launched the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) in April 2018. One year on, TCF v2.0 was released for public comment. The panel will discuss the impact of the updates for all stakeholders in the digital advertising ecosystem, most notably users and publishers.

Marta Sułkiewicz

Chief Sales Officer EMEA&APA at Gemius

Single source in cross-media measurement. The Holy Graal or a myth buster of the growth?

Marketers, online publishers, social media owners – they all desire for a one: the growth. But how many digital-related growth myths have you already known? With single source data for digital and traditional media, I will challenge those myths and answer the burning question: where is the real growth potential?

Phil Sumner

Global Media Insights Director, Teads

Planning for real growth

In 2019 growth is being led almost exclusively by companies outside the established top 25 in most categories. Subsequently, all eyes are on the CMO and Marketing Department to help provide new answers to unlock growth opportunities.

Jon Walsh

Associate Partner, Blockchain Rookies

Blockchain and Business Model Disruption: When? – not If

Blockchain technology provides a foundation for new levels of collaboration between parties that normally wouldn’t trust one another. It can provide levels of efficiency and cost savings by eliminating brokers and middlemen. New digital media business models are not only possible… they are coming. Learn how to spot these changes and lead the disruption rather than to be a victim of it.

Gary Warech

Senior Vice President, Comscore

Branded content: bringing a 19th century tactic into the 21st century

Branded Content is expected to hit over €100B globally in 2019, yet 65% of brand and agency professionals struggle with performance measurement. This presentation is about bringing Branded Content into a multi-channel, digital-first 21st century. We’ll share the latest measurement innovations and best-practices developed by major brands and agencies in the USA for consideration in a European context.

Stephen Woodford

CEO, Advertising Association

Consumer Trust Research

Jan Zając

CEO, Sotrender

Jakub Nowacki

Head of R&D Team, Sotrender

State of the art as to content creation using AI

How to use technological developments to give creativity back to the creative? Presenters with both digital marketing & technology perspectives, using original data to showcase their arguments.

Tadeusz Żórawski

Global eCommerce Strategy Director at Molecular / BBDO

Changing eCommerce – Growing dCommerce – how to win in online commerce with evolution of trends and new solutions

In many industries traditional retail is staggering and the only way to generate sales growth is the online commerce. Moreover, eCommerce evolves beyond ‘traditional’ desktop and mobile website-based stores – there emerges dCommerce (d for digital) with sCommerce (via social platforms), iCommerce (via images), aCommerce (automated) and other ways. The presentation will show the availabilities now, the best recent case studies, trends and solutions in digital commerce. 

Award Grand Prix winners: MIXX Awards Europe and IAB Europe Research Awards

For the last 10 years, The MIXX Awards Europe and IAB Europe Research Awards have recognised and celebrated the best digital advertising from across Europe. Educating the marketplace about creative best practice in digital marketing, as well as inspiring the industry with new ideas and future trends, the winners represent the very best of our industry. We have received over 150 entries across the two competitions and in this session the 2019 Grand Prix prize winners will showcase their work.