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Liam Brennan, Global Director of Innovation at Mediacom is one of the brilliant speakers for IAB Europe’s flagship conference, Interact! Liam will take to the stage to present his talk on ‘Acting like a Start-Up – Structured innovation for future growth’. We asked Liam, the king of innovation, some questions about key trends and challenges he sees in our industry. Liam also shared some great reasons on why you should attend Interact 2019!

What will you be discussing at Interact?

Liam Brennan: Brands are increasingly looking to start-ups as a source of inspiration for how to embrace change, innovate around product and route to market. Start-ups are consumer centric, agile and embracing new ways to sell– driving growth by through product, marketing and commerce innovation. I will be showing how brands can “act like start-ups” and drive growth through “Structured Innovation”– business orientated goal setting, collaboration, and developing a learn and scale culture.

Apart from your own, what’s your must-attend session at Interact?

LB: I’m very much looking forward to hearing from P&G’s Taide Guajardo on the changing nature of brand building. P&G has a strong history of building  successful global brands, but their recent efforts to both improve digital supply chain and be a force for good the industry is something to be applauded.

Why should people attend Interact?

LB: Our industry is in a constant state of change – hearing from our best and brightest will help provider brands, publishers and agencies with a much clearer direction to how to move forward in turbulent times.

What’s your 2019 industry buzzword?

LB: Growth. We all want it, but often struggle to make the changes needed to make it happen

What industry developments have you been most excited about this year?

LB: The developments of 5G in China (and then the world). 5G will have huge impact on how audiences consume media – what, where and how – and it may well usher in the era of the first truly global Chinese digital superpower.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge to our industry?

LB: Digital Talent. Our industry is ‘digital’ yet many digital experts are still working in silos, and many marketing staff are still lacking key digital skillsets. Collaboration and re-structuring is key to making this happen.

What trends do you predict for 2020?

LB: The rise of Amazon is a hot topic now, but it’s impact on the advertising industry hasn’t truly been felt yet. Amazon is now the third largest digital media owner in the US – the ability to reach audiences based on shopping behaviour is the holy grail for many brands and with their scale and commerce capabilities, expect them to increasingly challenge Google and Facebook for digital media budgets.

Finally, have you visited Warsaw? If so, what’s your top tourist tip? If not, what are you most excited to do or see?

LB: This is my second visit to Warsaw – but the last was far too short! A really unique experience is the Praga area just across the river from the city centre. Great shops, bars and street art.The Soho Factory is a fantastic area to explore – I’m hoping to make some time to explore the Neon Sign Museum!

More about Liam:

Liam is Global Director of Innovation at MediaCom, where he is helping develop business & digital transformation agendas with some of MediaCom’s largest clients through the use data, technology and start-ups.

More recently, Liam has been developing and co-leading the global growth of the MediaCom BLINK offering – a new strategic initiative designed to help clients harness the marketing innovation opportunity technology offers. Over the past two years, the BLINK team has showcased over 200 tech companies and start-ups to MediaCom clients and worked on over 50 live projects.

Liam has previously led the digital strategy for brands such as The Coca-Cola Company, Adidas Group, ASOS, Red Bull and Airbnb.