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IAB Europe is looking for entries from talented and hard-working teams that have created some of the best digital advertising campaigns that are deserving of the European-recognised awards for its MIXX Awards Europe competition.

The MIXX Awards Europe are an opportunity to gain industry recognition for your European campaigns and to educate the marketplace about what works and why in digital marketing, as well as inspire the industry by highlighting new ideas and future trends.

All European campaigns that have won a digital award in a national or international award competition are invited to participate.

For the first time, IAB Europe is offering a discounted entry fee for those that enter the competitions early with an Early Bird deadline. The final deadline has now been extended to Friday 22 March.

Further information can be found in the entry notes here and you can submit your project here

Last year’s MIXX Awards, which took place at IAB Europe’s annual Interact event in Milan, awarded some of the industry’s best digital campaigns. We have taken a look back at some of the inspiring work to help you with your 2019 entry.  The winners of the 2019 competition will be presented at Interact in Warsaw on 4-5 June.


MIXX Awards Europe Grand Prix, Branded Content, Responsive Display Advertising and Integrated Advertising

People Initiative were not only the winners of three categories last year, but they also took home the MIXX Awards Europe Grand Prix for their captivating ‘From Inside The Plot’ campaign for Fiat. The idea was to release a series of mini episodes of a main character injured by an unexpected shooter. They used Shazam to integrate 360-degree video technologies to unmask the shooter, which attracted a lot of attention all over social media.


Campaign Effectiveness

Last year’s Campaign Effectiveness category gold award went to LDV United for their inspirational ‘Dare To Play’ campaign, which looked at 6 athletes who suffered from separate mental disabilities, wanting to change the world and break social norms and expectations. The impressive and heart-warming campaign grabbed attention from athletes worldwide.


Display Advertising

Winning the Gold Award for Display Advertising, we introduce ‘Sahibinden: Warm Home For All’ by Rafineri. The campaign aimed to increase the rate of pet adoption, by placing strategic ads of animals looking for a home, on banners of local pages of homes for sale. This strategy doubled the pet re-homing rate from 24.5% to 51%.


Effective Use of Data

Winning Gold for Effective Use of Data, Mediacom created the ‘Akbank Jazz Version of The City’. They worked closely with The HKU University of the Arts Conservatory in the Netherlands, to create algorithms that generates words from notes. Their vision was to turn the City into Jazz. This allowed them to create 87,000 songs, which received them a whopping 117 million social media impressions!


Mobile Display Advertising

Winning Gold for the Mobile Display Advertising category, the Havas Media Group ran their ‘Tour De Tech’ campaign, a new cycling scheme around the UK which encourages commuters to cycle around big cities, 24/7, free of charge. It rewards cyclists through an app for riding the bicycles, funded through brands adding logo stickers to the bicycles, creating a level of brand awareness.


Native Advertising

Creating ‘Denmark’s Best Idea’ won Ekstra Bladet the Gold Award in the Native Advertising category. This created a powerful and engaging tabloid read, which encouraged users to come forward and share their ideas for how to make Denmark a better place. This created a lot of competition as it brought attention to the site, with Allan Hyldbech winning an award for his contribution to the site with ‘Swop Box’.


Programmatic Advertising

By finding a place in the market for dry shampoo, Initiative Russia won the Gold Award for Programmatic Advertising. Their effective and engaging campaign found a place in the market for the hair product for Russian women having difficulty washing their hair with no access to hot water. They used statistics and high-precision targeted advertising to reach their audience.


Search Advertising

Winning Gold for Search Advertising, Akbank’s ‘The Future of Search Ads’ ran powerful search engine campaigns to sell credit cards to online consumers. They used personalised search engine ads and tailored them to their target audience, for maximum effect. They did this by analysing social media behaviours to get an idea of their lifestyle, this boosted their sales by 95%.


Social Media

After running a huge campaign across social media, the idea behind Electric Castle – Unofficial Partners reached 1.4 million people, winning them the Gold Award for Social Media. They wanted to attract international sponsors to donate money so that Electric Castle festival-goers could have the Monday off work, meaning they were able to spend an extra day at the festival. This led to 170 official partners donating, therefore 25% more attendees on the Sunday than previous years.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

By creating the virtual and augmented reality game ‘Sea Hero Quest VR’, MediaCom were able to help scientists diagnose dementia in those playing the game and has therefore helped revolutionise dementia research. Many have claimed it isn’t just a game, it’s a quest to help fight dementia.

To take a look at more of the MIXX Awards Europe 2018 winners, click here.

Further information can be found in the entry notes here and you can submit your project here

The 2019 categories are: Brand Advertising, Direct Response / Lead Generation, Video Advertising, Social Media, Search Advertising, Native Advertising, Branded Content, Responsive Display Advertising, Virtual and Augmented Reality, or other new technologies, Campaign Effectiveness, Programmatic Advertising, Integrated Advertising, Effective Use of Data. You are welcome to enter one or more of these.

Why enter?

  • Get your work recognised at a pan-European level
  • Get your work in front of Industry leaders
  • Develop business opportunities
  • Benchmark your work against competitors
  • Inspire the community
  • Challenge and reward your team

Our IAB Europe Research Awards 2019 competition is also open for entries with the same deadlines. The IAB Europe Research Awards are an opportunity to gain industry recognition for your digital research projects to be showcased and the show the contribution they have made to the development of the digital advertising industry.

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