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Research Awards Categories

  • Brand Advertising Effectiveness – projects that demonstrate the contribution of digital advertising to brand key performance indicators (KPIs) such as awareness, purchase intent or perception
  • Consumer Attitudes and Behaviour – projects that shed light on consumer media consumption, their views on digital media and what this means for the advertiser
  • Consumer Devices – projects that include results on the consumer use of or campaign effectiveness using one or more specific device (i.e. PC, tablet, mobile, TV) (please note research projects that would have been entered into the mobile category will now fall into this category)
  • Digital Advertising Formats – projects that include results on the consumer receptivity to or campaign effectiveness of specific digital advertising formats (i.e. video, display, social etc.) (please note research projects that would have been entered into the former social media and video categories will now fall into this category)
  • Advertising Solutions – projects that include campaign effectiveness results on the use of a specific solution, e.g. programmatic advertising, native advertising or multi-screen advertising
  • Research and Data Innovation – projects that encompass new and ground-breaking approaches to research methodology, data science or analysis
  • Audience Measurement – projects that have contributed a significant development into how digital audiences are measured. This might be within a market, apply to a specific audience group or the measurement of audiences across specific devices (please note projects submitted in this category should relate to the measurement and tracking of audiences as opposed to internet usage or broader measurement projects)
  • Best Use of Research Budget – projects that have made use of a specified limited budget for a piece of research

Why enter?

  • Get your work recognised at a pan-European level
  • Get your work in front of industry leaders
  • Develop business opportunities
  • Benchmark your work against competitors
  • Inspire the community
  • Challenge and reward your team